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The corporate/private sector takes actions in response to climate change - natural resource constraints, manufacturing or logistical interruptions and other possible impacts.
01 October 2013
"Finding your match in CSR: creative partnership for development…"  
Why do you need partnerships?
Businesses are making ever greater commitments to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through involvement in community development initiatives.  To have sustainable projects and yield optimal results you need to have meaningful collaboration. Businesses can benefit from working with NGOs that have a wealth of technical expertise, community knowledge and local networks. NGOs can learn from business approaches as well as access material and non-material assistance to improve their work. Jointly they can develop CSR projects that will have a lasting positive impact. 
Trainee Profile
Staff of businesses, multinationals, state-owned enterprises and small businesses as well as staff from INGOs, NGOs, community development workers who want to master CSR skills and understand how to incorporate effective community development initiatives into CSR plans.
Language: English
Course fee: € 650
Country: Bali, Indonesia
(The course fee includes lunch, snacks, course material and a certificate)
Follow the link and register online:
The ISO 26000 model: pillars of CSR
Development cooperation, business sense of CSR, laws and roles of corporate sector
Community development: stages and modes of CSR engagement
Community development: strategy design and strategy formats
Develop partnerships
Corporate sector and NGO: cultural differences
Communication skills: meet potential partners
Ms. Inez UsLeyanege
Marketing & Client Liaison – MDF Asia
Mobile: +94 77 3949041
Tel: +94 11 2808121 or 11 2805122
Bali, Indonesia
18 September 2013

This event stimulated dialogue and cooperation between different sectors in addressing climate change. It encouraged participants to seek to answer the question: "How do they, and can they, work together to address critical mass awareness for a rapid national, regional and global response to climate change?" This one-day seminar was held around Asia by the "Redraw The Line" climate change awareness campaign, the No Impact Project and the Asia-Pacific Media Alliance for Social Awareness.

ADB Headquarters, Manila, Philippines
17 September 2013

Adaptation has long been used as a strategy to deal with the ever changing climate. However in recent years with the increasing number of disaster events, the need for participatory and inclusive approach for all levels of stakeholders including the business sector has been in demand. There is a proportionate increase in the call to the private or business sector along with the public sector to come together on a common platform to increase the resilience of private sector companies to manage climate change impacts along their own supply chains and also to encourage the market for the provision of resilience-oriented goods, services and finances.

Keeping this background in mind, APAN through their sub-regional node for Central Asia-CAREC, and their partners will be organising an annual conference.

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan


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