Forecast and Assessment

Forecast and Assessment(66)
Climate change forecast and impact/vulnerability assessments are considered as the very first step of developing adaptation policies and measures.

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04 August 2015

“There's no harm in hoping for the best as long as you're prepared for the worst.”Stephen KingDifferent Seasons

Disaster preparedness – what do you need to know? Are you ready? Disasters concern all of us, in terms of people impacted and economic losses accounted. The number, scale and costs of disasters are increasing, mainly as a consequence of growing population, environmental degradation, unplanned settlements, expanding and aging infrastructure, growing assets at risk and more complex societies. The Syrian refugees’ crisis, recent earthquakes like in Nepal and terrorist attacks have shown the need for establishing feasible mechanisms, such as response protocols or facilities.

When disaster strikes, your organization looks to you for a response. At this seminar you will learn about crisis management competencies that you need to have to carry out your responsibilities calmly, professionally and effectively when a crisis hits.


CEOs of Corporate companies, Telecom Companies, Heads of Missions, Embassies and Consulates, Ministers and staff of all Government Ministries, Heads of Armed Forces, CEOs of Hospitals, Country Representatives and heads of INGOs, NGOs, Donor Organisations, Foundations, Charities

Seminar Programme

  • Introduction to the World of Crisis
  • Some recent disasters, like Nepal Earthquake, terrorist/cyber attacks
  • Key Terms and Concepts: Hazard, Risk, Vulnerability, Crisis, Disaster, Resilience
  • Disaster Relief Organizations: Multilateral (UN, World Bank, etc), Bilateral and Non Governmental (Red Cross/IFRC, Oxfam International and others)
  • Disaster Management: Prevention, Preparedness, Response and Recovery
  • Global Disaster Trends and Impacts
  • Relationship of Vulnerability, Capacity, and Resilience
  • Fundamentals of Emergency Response Coordination
  • Effective Resilience-Centered Public-Private Partnership
  • Cities and Crisis
  • Risk and Resilience in the Context of Cities
  • Climate Change, Rapid Growth, Poor Management
  • Emergency Planning for City Residents
  • UNISDR´s Making Cities Resilient Campaign
  • Others Governments and NGO´s in Crisis
  • Crisis, Types of Crisis, and Stress Management
  • Role of Emergency Management Teams
  • Exercises, Training
  • Effective Internal Audit Management, Key Performance Indicators
  • Methods for Managing a Crisis
  • Managing Your Organization´s Reputation
  • Crisis Communications
  • Social Media
  • Crisis Media Plan

Workshop Programme:

  • Definitions and basic concepts
  • Disaster risk assessment
  • Steps of community based disaster risk management (CBDRM)
  • Participatory tools used for data and information collection on hazards, vulnerabilities, capacity analysis (HVCA)
  • Analysis of data and information
  • Formulating a DRR plan
  • DRR monitoring and evaluation
  • Stakeholder analysis and coordination with relevant organizations for DRR

Event Details:

  1. Language: English
  2. Dates:16 - 19 Novemeber 2015
  3. Course fee: $ 1300
  4. Country: Dubai, U.A.E
    (The course fee includes lunch, snacks, course material and a certificate)

About the speaker - Dr. Peter Rehwinkel

Dr. Peter Rehwinkel is one of the world's most sought after International Disaster and Crisis Management Experts. He is a former MP/Senator/Mayor, has headed several national and international delegations on disaster response and recovery and was involved with the World Bank, UN-agencies like UNOCHA, UNISDR, UNDP and UN-Habitat, USAID, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and the European Commission. He recently started International Disaster and Crisis Management. IDCM has its base in Barcelona, the international hub of disaster and crisis management, and Amsterdam. Barcelona hosts the City Resilience Programme by UN-Habitat.

Author of New Book ´Manage Your Next CRISIS! A Must for Cities and Industries´: available here now:


Contact & Registration:

Mr. Yaseen Ariff
Sales & Marketing Executive for Asia
P: +94 11 2673636-7
M: +94 77 7989327
+94 77 1979991
Skype: yaseenariff

MDF Asia Training & Consultancy Management solutions for a better world. More info:

Rose Rayhaan by Rotana Hotel – Dubai, U.A.E
08 September 2014

The Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment, Center of Excellence on Energy Technology and Environment at KMUTT, is organizing a Training on “Climate Data Analysis & Vegetation Monitoring using R” during 14 – 17 October 2014 at the Joint Graduate School of Energy and Environment (JGSEE), King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi (KMUTT), Bangkok.

During this event, training will be provided to relevant experts with interest in climatic, environmental data analysis, vegetation monitoring and statistical computing with R. Please note that limited seats are available to join the training provided on a first come first served basis.

Researcher and Training Coordinator 
Room No. EN3204 (2nd Floor)
The Joint Graduate School for Energy and Environment,
KMUTT, 126 Prachauthit Road, Bangmod, Tungkru, Bangkok, 10140
Ph : (+66) 0878085635

Bangkok, Thailand
17 July 2014

So much knowledge, yet not enough shared ("KM is the art of creating value from intangible assets.")


Knowledge Management is a hot topic in both the commercial and the not-for-profit world of development cooperation. Most people deal with increasing amounts of information on a daily basis. Raw data and information only becomes knowledge when we know how to dig the value out of it. This is what knowledge management is all about. This knowledge management course focuses on the processes that capture, filter and disseminate knowledge in support of organisational goals, whilst recognising the importance and role of effective people management.


Learning officers, knowledge management managers, project managers, team leaders or consultants that would like to understand the tools and methodologies for managing knowledge flows within their organisation.


At the end of the course you will:

  • Understand what knowledge management is and what it can mean for you and your organisation
  • Be able to start a participatory process to develop a knowledge management strategy and facilitating processes and technology
  • Have insight in tools for collecting, filtering, storing and sharing knowledge
  • Have gained more confidence in how to stimulate staff in your organisation to become active actors in knowledge processes


  • Knowledge Management (KM) concepts
  • Developing a KM strategy
  • People, processes, technology
  • Tools for capturing, storing and sharing knowledge
  • Discover & document good practices
  • IT systems & social media
  • Become a learning organisation
  • The human factor in KM
  • Motivating knowledge behaviour


  1. Language: English
  2. Dates: 01 - 03 September 2014
  3. Course fee: € 450
  4. Country: Bali, Indonesia
    (The course fee includes lunch, snacks, course material and a certificate)

Follow the link and register online:

Mr. Yaseen Ariff
Marketing Assistant - MDF Asia
Mobile: +94 777 989 327
Tel: +94 11 2808121 or 11 2805122



Bali, Indonesia


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