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Mainstreaming adaptation measures into development plan is an important step in policy making in response to climate change. Many policy makers are looking at no-regret options or ones that can generate multiple benefits.
03 May 2018
Smaller business are the backbone of the economy in developing countries, but they are also hit the hardest by climate change. A new publication looks at how they can adapt and create climate resilience.
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14 October 2013
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27 February 2018
Different departments of the state, which come under eleven different missions of SAPCC, have not been able to prepare Project Concept Notes (PCNs) for undertaking projects under climate change adaptation and mitigation.


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02 September 2010

Practitioners and policy-makers' exchange on climate change adaptation in agriculture was held at the Asian Institute of Technology’s (AIT) conference facilities in Pathumthani, Thailand, from 30 August to 1 September 2010.

The objective of this exchange was to transfer knowledge of practical examples on climate change adaptation in agriculture to participants from seven South and South East Asian countries. The three-day exchange gathered participants, mostly  field practitioners and policy-makers from agricultural departments, and resource persons from countries such as the Philippines, Cambodia, Lao PDR, Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and Bangladesh. The participants and resource persons shared their experiences and lessons from case studies and current research and development projects which focused on resilience of agriculture systems to climate change. 

During the exchange, the participants also explored on the need to have country specific information and identify the regional knowledge priorities on climate change adaptation in the agriculture sector. In this way, by bringing together a core group of researchers, practitioners and policy makers from seven developing countries in South and South East Asia, this practitioners' exchange enabled the transfer of practical examples, technologies and case studies of agricultural climate change adaptation measures between countries.

Please click here for the agenda and the respective titles in the program table given below to view the presentations from the resource persons and the participants: 

Day 1:: 30 August 2010
Setting the scene, climate change and climate change adaptation
Facilitators: Ms. Serena Fortuna (UNEP ROAP) & Mr. Gernot Laganda (UNDP)

  • Welcome- Mr. Mahesh Pradhan (AIT/UNEP RRC.AP)


  • Introduction



  • Discussion



  • Discussion

                --Morning Tea--10:3512:30

  • Country group presentations:
  1. Bangladesh
  2. Cambodia
  3. Lao PDR
  4. Myanmar
  5. Philippines
  6. Thailand
  7. Vietnam


                --Afternoon Tea--Climate Risk Information02:4505:30

Day 2:: 31 August 2010Field Trip to Sanam Chaikhet Organic Farmers Group

 Day 3:: 1 September 2010Photo Courtesy: Doungjun Roongruang (from One Moon Photography), Lien Hiekens ( from Development Photography), Gernot Laganda & Shirley Kai.

Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Pathumthani, Thailand


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