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Mainstreaming adaptation measures into development plan is an important step in policy making in response to climate change. Many policy makers are looking at no-regret options or ones that can generate multiple benefits.
14 October 2013
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01 August 2017
In rural Kancheepuram, communities come together to revive tank irrigation systems
01 August 2017
The people of Mbuke Island in Manus Province, Papua New Guinea are making progress through adaption and mitigation efforts to address climate change.


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22 September 2015


“The Workshop for Capacity Building on Climate Change Impact Assessments and Adaptation Planning in the Asia-Pacific Region: Needs and Challenges for Designing and Implementing Climate Actions” was held on 1-2 October 2015 in Bangkok, Thailand. This was the first workshop in the series of events related to adaptation planning and climate change impact assessment by the Asia Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN) and Ministry of the Environment of Japan (MOEJ), organized by the Institute for Global Environmental Strategies (IGES). The workshops were designed for a better understanding of the current situation, exchanging views and relevant information, and enhancing human resource development on climate change impact assessments and adaptation planning in the Asia-Pacific Region.

This workshop aimed to identify the status and needs of adaptation planning and climate change impact assessments at the national level. On Day I, national adaptation planning and related activities, as well as the needs and challenges were presented. On Day II, approaches and technologies related to climate change impact assessments, as well as resources and assistance for adaptation planning were discussed. Approximately 60 participants were invited to the workshop, including those who are engaged in the field of climate change adaptation (e.g., national government officials, policy makers, practitioners, and researchers) in the Asia‐Pacific region.

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Bangkok, Thailand
08 September 2015

Due to the rising threat of Climate Change, adaptation has become a time ticking challenge. Over the past decade, in despite of the substantial efforts to respond to climate change, still many challenges and issues lies among us. With the Paris’ agreement 3 months ahead, it is crucial for us to revisit the lessons learned from this era’s previous adaptation actions, and discuss the way forward.

Hence, the 7th International Symposium on Climate Change Adaptation (ISCCA 7) will take place in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 17th of September, 2015, hosted by Ministry of Environment, Korea, and organized by Korea Environment Institute (KEI)-Korea Adaptation Center for Climate Change (KACCC) and Asia-Pacific Adaptation Network (APAN).

The theme of the 2015 symposium is 'New Trend of Adaptation in National and International Adaptation Arenas.’ It is expected to address lessons learnt from the previous adaptation efforts and prospects for improvement, share new adaptation initiatives and innovations, and to discuss major issues and implications of the Paris’ Agreement. Especially, as the Ministry of Environment, Republic of Korea, plans to launch the 2nd National Climate Change Adaptation Master Plan in September, the symposium will serve as an interactive opportunity to share the successes and limitations of the 1st Master plan, and examine the new Plan under the new climate change response regime.

Seoul, Korea
08 September 2015

You are warmly invited to attend a Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN) public event with the Climate Knowledge Brokers Group:

Thursday 17th September 2015, 10:00am – 12:00pm UK time (GMT+1)
with global livestreaming from 10:30 – 11:30am

ODI Offices, 203 Blackfriars Road, London, SE1 2NJ, United Kingdom

Register for the event here today.

Climate information was once the domain of modellers and scientists. Nowadays, as the world wakes up to the extent to which our lives, jobs and environment will be affected by climate change, everyone is becoming a climate decision-maker in some way.

From government policy-makers and industry chiefs to everyday consumers and voters, information is going to be needed to make the right decisions on how to address climate change. Where will it come from and how will people make sense of the growing ocean of climate information being produced every year? This is where knowledge brokers fit in, bridging the gap between producers and users of information and tailoring it so it is relevant and useable.

The Climate Knowledge Brokers Group consists of more than 100 international agencies and programmes providing climate information. At this event, it will launch a ‘Manifesto’ to call for joined-up action to meet the massive climate knowledge challenges ahead – and especially after nations meet in Paris in December to hammer out a new global climate deal. The ‘Manifesto’ will set out seven key principles for how climate knowledge brokers can have greater impact through collaboration and the use of open data. The CKB Group is calling for adoption of these principles – to turn knowledge into action.


Geoff Barnard, Knowledge Management Strategy Advisor, Climate and Development Knowledge Network (CDKN)


Florian Bauer, COO & Director of “Open Knowledge”, REEEP

Vicky Pope, Head of Integration and Growth, Met Office

Roger Street, Director of Adaptation Science, UKCIP

Clare Stott, Co-founder of Gobeshona, Bangladesh

Fatema Rajabali, Climate Change Convenor, Institute of Development Studies (IDS)

Commentary from Ishbel Matheson, ODI; Martin Hiller, REEEP and Sam Bickersteth, CDKN.


10.00 – 10.30am  Registration, coffee and pastries

10.30 – 11.30am  Panel discussion and global livestream for international audience

  • Welcome
  • Introductions
  • Presentation of CKB Group and Manifesto
  • Commentators
  • Q&A and discussion

11.30am – 12.00pm  Networking

Register your attendance in person or to watch live-streamed online here.

London, UK and online


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