Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience – A Training Manual

Guideline / Manual / Toolkit

Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience – A Training Manual

ORGANISER: USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific


September 2015

This training manual is part of the USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience (UCCAR) training course.

This course is developed in collaboration with the East-West Center at the University of Hawaii. It aims to improve climate change knowledge among mid- to senior-level managers working in urban and infrastructure planning and, in turn, help them design better adaptation projects.

UCCAR training course materials and resources are freely available to government agencies and training institutions in Asia-Pacific looking to develop and deliver urban climate change adaptation project development and finance training. The materials may also be useful for practitioners and individuals working in related sectors looking for a comprehensive set of tools and how-to guides for urban climate change adaptation.

This is a five-day course with seven modules. PDFs of PowerPoint presentations with facilitators’ notes and worksheets, complementing this training manual, are available for at http://www.adaptasiapacific.org/content/urban-climate-change-adaptation-and-resilience-%E2%80%93-training-manual