Proceedings: Training Modules Design Workshop (3rd Training Needs Assessment Meeting)

Event Proceedings

Proceedings: Training Modules Design Workshop (3rd Training Needs Assessment Meeting)



September 2011

During August 10th to 12th, 2011 APAN organized a Training Module Design Workshop at the Asian Institute of Technology. There were sixteen (16) participants who represented five national partners participated in this workshop. These includes Cambodia, Lao PDR, Mongolia, Bangladesh and Nepal.

The workshop was a continuous event after the second training needs assessment (TNA) meeting held in March 2011. The objectives of this workshop were to review training module development concepts, techniques and framework to enable participants to prepare training modules as well as to provide feedbacks and suggestions on the modules that participants developed. It also aimed to familiarize the participants with training modules design process so that they will be able to take lead in preparation of training programmes in their own country in the future.

In summary, activities that participants had to do and share during this workshop included:

  • Presentation of methodology used to carry out the TNA exercises;
  • Presentation and discussion on institutional arrangement and policy set up in the country;
  • Presentation and exchange information on national scenario of TNA results;
  • Sharing experiences and thoughts on ideal scenario for implementation of training modules in terms of knowledge, skills and practices; and
  • Setting priorities for the content and challenges in designing the modules.

Visit the workshop's page for the proceedings report and presentations.