Presentations from Adaptation Knowledge Day IV

Event Proceedings

Presentations from Adaptation Knowledge Day IV


June 2013


On 6 June UNEP, the World Bank, IUCN and UNDP organized Adaptation Knowledge Day for the fourth year alongside the UNFCCC Climate Talks in Bonn. The day is an event organized by the Global Adaptation Network (GAN). The half day event attracted 16 speakers (and 3 facilitators), including 4 representatives from country delegations. The day also attracted over 65 participants, with representatives from at least 9 countries. The speakers presented in three panels and addressed issues including: 

1) Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EBA) and climate resilience; 
2) What do decision-makers and practitioners need to know about EBA; 
3) Lessons learned from climate change adaptation case studies.   

A summary of the event, as well as a selection of pictures and the Powerpoint presentations are currently available from the following link: