Climate Change Adaptation Perspective in Malaysia

Report / Paper

Climate Change Adaptation Perspective in Malaysia

AUTHORS: Roopa Rakshit, Senior Knowledge Management Officer, AIT-UNEP Regional Resource Center for Asia and the Pacific, Thailand


May 2012


 Adaptation to climate change is a complex process which can be characterized as decision making under uncertainties. It entails the assessment of risks and opportunities associated with climate change for the natural environment as well as human society, identification and appraisal of adaptation options, implementation and monitoring and evaluation of adaptation interventions. Adaptation planning and practices involve multiple stakeholders, require knowledge, and expertise from multiple disciplines to address specific needs at multiple levels and in multiple sectors/systems. The Adaptation Knowledge Platform is a response to the demand for effective mechanisms for sharing information on climate change adaptation, and for developing adaptive capacities in Asian countries. The initiative supports research and capacity building, policy making and information assimilation, generation, management and sharing. It also facilitates climate change adaptation at local, national and regional levels, while working with existing and emerging networks and initiatives. Thirteen countries are identified as focal countries for the Adaptation Knowledge Platform: Cambodia, China PR, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Indonesia, Nepal, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, and Malaysia.