Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Adaptation Nature-Based Solutions from the World Bank Portfolio

Report / Paper

Biodiversity, Climate Change, and Adaptation Nature-Based Solutions from the World Bank Portfolio

AUTHORS: This report was prepared by Kathy MacKinnon, Claudia Sobrevila and Valerie Hickey (Biodiversity Team, ENV) with substantial material on adaptation in LAC from Walter Vergara, and contributions from Marjory-Anne Bromhead, Christophe Crepin, Karsten Ferrugiel and Gayatri Kanungo (AFR); Emilia Battaglini, Maurizio Gudagni and Karin Shepardson (ECA); Joe Leitmann and Tony Whitten (EAP); Enos Esikuri, Marea Hatziolos, Astrid Hillers and Klas Sander (ENV); Gunars Platais, Adriana Moreira, Juan Pablo Ruiz, Walter Vergara and Jocelyne Albert (LAC); Kanta Kumari Rigaud (MENA) and Richard Damania and Malcolm Jansen (SAR). Marieke van der Zon, Grace Aguilar, Perpetual Boateng, Marielena Guttierez and Valerie Hickey updated the biodiversity database and Valerie Hickey undertook the data analysis. Jim Cantrell was responsible for the design and layout. Thanks are due to the GEF regional coordinators and to Steve Gorman and the GEF Anchor team for support and advice with regard to the GEF portfolios. This paper is part of an ongoing review of the biodiversity portfolio of the World Bank Group and a contribution to Bank work on climate change and adaptation. It is a work in progress and has not been formally cleared by Bank management. This publication, and other publications about the Bank’s work on biodiversity, are available online at


October 2011


This portfolio review is a report for the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona in October 2008. It provides an update on previous reviews of the Bank’s biodiversity portfolio, which focused on specific ecosystems (forests, mountains, marine ecosystems) and themes (protected areas) as well as previous overviews of the whole portfolio. It includes information on some of the most recent highlights of the portfolio, particularly those projects and programs that emphasize biodiversity-climate change linkages