Water and Adaptation Interventions in Central and West Asia (TA-7532)


26 April 2012



Funding Organisation

Asian Development Bank

This project will develop and introduce measures to adapt to changing hydrological regimes. These measures will build climate resilience in target watersheds against anticipated disaster scenarios, reducing potentially adverse climate impact on energy supply, food production, and environmental sustainability. The impact of the project will be more efficient national strategies for climate change adaptation. The outcome will be national capacity to model climate scenarios and develop adaptation strategies. The project will have 2 phases: (i) development of a knowledge base on likely impact of climate impacts on the Amu Darya and Syr Darya river basins; and (ii) development of capacity to use outputs in regional, national, and river-basin adaptation planning. The former will involve the analysis of depth of knowledge about glacial melt, hydrological modelling, and climate impacts and risk analysis, as well as the development of hydrological modes for both basins. These outputs will be applied to risk-management strategies at the regional, national, and river basin levels.

Funding Organisation: 

Asian Development Bank

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