Support for India’s National Climate Change Action Plan (TA-7417)


26 April 2012



Funding Organisation

Asian Development Bank

Through this TA, ADB will  (i) support the work of the critical National Environmental Mission through studies, consultation workshops, and incorporation of international best practices learnt from ADB’s experience in other DMCs; (ii) identify opportunities and draw lessons for further strengthening the environmental focus of its India lending and non-lending program; and (iii) tap various concessional funding sources that are being created for climate change adaptation activities globally, and channelize these for the benefit of India’s NCCAP through the joint Government of India/ADB intervention aimed at convening a Partners Forum.  The TA would be most directly relevant to supporting India's efforts on addressing climate change adaptation and provide opportunities for identifying concessional funding for priority adaptation projects.

Funding Organisation: 

Asian Development Bank

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