Strengthening the Capacity of Vulnerable Coastal Communities to Address the Risk of Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events 


01 October 2010




13.75 / 100.483

Funding Organisation

Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)

Implementing Organisation

Red CrossUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Thailand 

The objective of this project is to incorporate climate change concerns into disaster management strategies, plans and measures under the aegis of the government of Thailand. The achievement of this goal will contribute to strengthened resilience of vulnerable communities in Thailand to climate change impacts. The project aims to provide benefits to vulnerable communities, as well as contribute to local and national capacity to manage climate-related disasters. The project proposes small-scale, locally-based climate risk reduction activities, embedded in the national disaster management mandate shared by the Thai government and the Thai Red Cross. Three provinces have beenselected for project implementation: Nakhon si Thammarat, Phattalung, and Trang. The project will work with up to ten target communities, i.e. ten villages, in at least four sub-districts of the 3 provinces.
For more details, click here. Read more: : ALM Read more: : ALM Contact: Gernot Laganda, Regional Technical Advisor, Regional Centre

Funding Organisation: 

Special Climate Change Fund (SCCF)

Implementing Organisation: 

Red CrossUnited Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Thailand 

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