Second Road Improvement (Sector) Project (Grant-0175,-0176,-0177,-0207,-0210)


11 March 2012



Funding Organisation

Asian Development Bank

ADB approved a $24 million grant for the Second Solomon Islands Road Improvement Project to repair the infrastructure damaged by the floods, and provide increased attention to changing climate patterns and the damages these can cause to infrastructure. To make the national network of provincial and secondary roads more efficient and effective the Solomon Islands Second Road Improvement (Sector) Project will (i) replace or upgrade about 30 water crossings (bridges, culverts, and wet crossings), build about 20 kilometers (km) of roads and associated bridge approaches, and selectively relocate roads for climate change adaptation; (ii) maintain roads using labor-based, equipment-supported (LBES) techniques under national private sector contracts involving local communities; and (iii) carry out project management, implementation supervision, and capacity development including a community education and awareness campaign. Climate change adaptation measures will be incorporated into the subproject designs. Two strategies were recommended for climate proofing the project: flood damage reduction and engineering adjustments, including construction and maintenance. The two sub-locations, Makira and West Guadalcanal, are at different stages of design with Makira contracts about to go tender. Adaptation measures in Makira need not include changes to engineering structures but will focus on environmental management and road maintenance schedules. For Guadalcanal, the full design is still under development and thus has more room for climate-proofing adjustments and will include changes to both engineering and environmental aspects.

Funding Organisation: 

Asian Development Bank

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