Glacial Melt and Downstream Impacts on Indus-Dependent Water Resources and Energy (TA-6420 SGA-04)


26 April 2012



Funding Organisation

Asian Development Bank

The development and introduction of climate change adaptation measures will help reduce some of the potentially adverse climate impacts on environmental degradation, and build a level of climate resilience in target watersheds to address extreme events, climate variability and disaster scenarios. This project is expected to provide adequate risk management and adaptation requirements supporting the water and hydro-energy sectors in the Indus river basin (Pakistan and Central and East Afghanistan, North India). This will be achieved by conducting gap analysis, formalizing technical partnerships, developing a Risk Framework & Adaptation Guide, conducting a rapid risk screening of water and energy and determining risk impact and adaptation requirements. The project will also support the mainstreaming of climate adaptation activities into ADB's projects and programs in the water and hydro-energy sector for Pakistan, Afghanistan, and India.

Funding Organisation: 

Asian Development Bank

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