Climate Change Impact and Adaptation Study in Mekong Delta (TA-7377)


26 April 2012



Implementing Organisation

Asian Development Bank

This initiative aims to build the capacity of southern Vietnamese sector and provincial authorities in the Mekong Delta to increase the climate-resilience of programs, plans, policies, and/or projects to guide future development planning. Expected outputs are i) identification of regional future climate; ii) regional assessment of the effects of future climate scenarios on natural, social, and economic systems; iii) identification of appropriate climate change adaptation measures for target provinces and targeted regional sectors; iv) development of pilot projects for scaling up and replication of TA outcomes (including provision of support for collaborative information sharing mechanisms and coordinated action on climate change); and iv) institutional strengthening activities for Government decision makers and technical staff, as well as awareness raising activities for the community. This supports the Government’s National Target Plan (NTP) for responding to climate change and complements the Government’s national socioeconomic development plan and Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy

Implementing Organisation: 

Asian Development Bank

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