Philippines government adopts Albay’s new climate change program


10 June 2013

The government planned to adopt a prototype program of the Province of Albay that integrated in elementary school curriculum approaches that help people adapt to climate change, the Climate Change Commission (CCC) said on Sunday.

CCC Assistant Secretary and Deputy Executive Director Joyceline Goco said the Philippines has entered into a partnership with the World Bank “to develop and demonstrate approaches that would enable target communities to adapt to the potential impacts of climate change.

“Think global warming, act local adaptation,” Goco cited Albay’s battlecry on the issue.

Albay pioneered the approach in 2011, and Albay Gov. Joel Salceda established the Center for Initiatives and Research on Climate Adaptation as a component of its Climate Change Adaptation program. Albay was the first province to proclaim Climate Change Adaptation as a governance policy.

The United Nations declared Albay as its global model for climate change adaptation and disaster risk reduction during its ministerial meeting in Inchon, South Korea in 2011.