Exchange of learning for climate change adaptation


25 October 2016

Around the world, cities and communities are experiencing the effects of climate change. Due to climate change, weather patterns such as, irregular rainfall, temperature etc. are changing. All of these changes directly impact agricultural production and natural biodiversity. To cope with these changes, people have to invent techniques. Exchanges of information can help.

People from vulnerable areas of Bangladesh are migrating to slum areas in Dhaka, Khulna and Chittagong.

In rural and slum areas in cities, people are facing severe problems due to absence of proper sanitation, water, place of social gathering, proper livelihoods, social security etc.

Dissemination of information on climate change adaptation included some specific objectives. People have to learn the easy techniques to adapt. During learning, challenges will come and people have to learn the way of facing challenges. 

The exchange of learning on climate change issues provides a platform for all vulnerable and affected people to deepen their understanding of climate change. This way of sharing also offers the opportunity for city dwellers to learn from each other's experiences.

There are many reasons for sharing information or learning on climate change adaptation. Too much information is available at the local, regional and international level. All such information needs a platform for dissemination. An national and international collaboration platform will act as a way to collect and store information for use.

Anthony Socci of International Climate Policy highlights that, "Exchange of information on climate change adaptation is a personal process."

Focus on necessary information is important to ensure its proper delivery. Vulnerable communities should be prioritised for learning process. Most vulnerable and affected communities of the world need a transparent and easy process to gain information on climate change issues. Proper exchange of learning from local to international level will enable people to adapt more efficiently.