The gender and climate change adaptation literature was extensively reviewed to locate real-world examples of how design teams are effectively integrating gender considerations into CCA projects. This section summarizes salient information on these projects, to provide you with concrete examples of good practices. Each case study begins with a tabular presentation of key project information, including identification of project implementers;funding partners;project dates, locations, and budgets;project objectives;notable gender-related activities and results;and references to project reports. This is followed by a more in-depth description of the project and its gender components and results.

We have focused particularly on projects related to natural resources development, including agriculture, forestry, and water, because these sectors are of vital importance to CCA in the Asia-Pacific region. Case studies from this region have been used whenever possible, but because efforts to integrate gender into CCA projects are still quite new, our review included sector case studies from other regions when a suitable one from Asia-Pacific could not be found. Future updates of this Sourcebook will provide additional case studies as new information becomes available.

This section covers case studies from the following areas:

  1. Agriculture: Development of Sustainable Agriculture in the Pacific (South Pacific)
  2. Agriculture: Community Livestock Development Project (Nepal)
  3. Forestry/Energy: Second Sustainable Participatory Energy Management Project (PROGEDE II) (Senegal)
  4. Biodiversity Conservation: Western Orissa Rural Livelihoods Project (India)
  5. Coastal Water Resources/Fisheries: Integrated Coastal Resources Management (Philippines)
  6. WASH: Tonle Sap Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Sector Project (Cambodia)
  7. Transportation: Rural Roads Program (Peru)
  8. Urban/Disaster Preparedness: Secondary Town Integrated Flood Protection Project (Bangladesh)
  9. Disaster Recovery: Earthquake-Displaced People Livelihood Restoration Program (Pakistan)
  10. Energy: Rural Electrification Phase I Project (Lao PDR)