Webinar: Climate Resilient Cities

Webinar / Online training

Webinar: Climate Resilient Cities

EVENT DATE: 22 January 2014


14 January 2014

While cities in the developing world face pressures in terms of increased demands for resources, infrastructure, services and housing, they are also increasingly exposed to the brunt of climate change and variability. Above all the structural and financial risks and vulnerabilities associated to climate impacts, the most pressing ones would be the impact on the lives of the poor - the worst victims of non-inclusive urban development. Shifting the development paradigm towards climate resilience would reap benefits that would go beyond environmental concerns, fostering social and economic sustainability.

Key Takeaways

  • Key issues pertaining to the challenges of the modern urban world and need for cities to be climate resilient
  • Integration points between regular urban development planning, planning for sustainability and planning for climate resilience
  • Case studies from cities in India and beyond
  • Key enablers for urban resilience planning and essential components of resilient city plans
  • Context specific strategies to address climate change
  • Policy-governance issues in implementation and sustainability of resilience planning efforts in cities