Coastal Hazard Management short course 2014

Seminar / Training workshop

Coastal Hazard Management short course 2014

Southbank, Brisbane, Australia
EVENT DATE: 30 April 2014 to 02 May 2014
ORGANISER: Griffith University


20 February 2014

Coastal communities in Australia and the Asia Pacific Region are frequently challenged by hazards such as cyclones and storm surges, and by the constant, long-term dynamics of the shorelines responding to climatic forces. As a result, erosion and storm tide inundation threaten coastal settlements and infrastructure. Climate variability and change, including sea level rise trends, possible changes in weather patterns, will likely add additional pressure on coastal communities across the region. The burden of the responsibility for managing these risks resides with local governments, following State advice and requirements, which may differ from State and Territories or national jurisdictions at a larger scale.

This short course will cover coastal hazard management theory and practice relevant to Australia and the Asia Pacific region. A 5% discount is offered to three or more registrants from the same organization.

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