Small Islands (SI)

Climate Change Impacts and Needs in Asia-Pacific Region
Small Islands (SI)
Changes in Climate Factors
  • Sea level rise
  • Sea level rise
  • Increased intensity/ frequency of extreme events
  • Air temperature rise
Primary Impacts
  • Inundation of land
  • Acceleration of coastal erosion
  • Shrinking of freshwater lens due to sea level rise and changes in precipitation
  • Damage from storm surge
  • Increase in groundwater evapotranspiration due to rise of groundwater level
  • Worsening of coastal disasters
  • Accelerated deterioration/bleaching of coral reefs
  • Increased disease
Natural/Social Factors
  • Small land mass surrounded by ocean
  • Maintain freshwater in the form of a freshwater lens
  • Location in an area affected by tropical cyclones
Secondary Impacts
  • Loss of land
  • Loss or destruction of infrastructure, such as airports, roads, municipal services, etc.
  • Loss of areas fit for safe and healthy habitation
  • Reduction/depletion of water resources
  • Decrease in fisheries resources
  • Decline in agricultural productivity due to land loss, increased soil salinity, water resource shortages, etc.
  • Decline of tourism industry due to loss or deterioration of tourism resources (coral reefs, comfortable climate, cultural assets)Deterioration of health conditions
Natural/Social Factors
  • More than half of population live in settlements close to coast
  • Most infrastructure is located near coastal zone
  • Dependency of water resources on precipitation and groundwater (freshwater lens. etc.), shortage of water infrastructure such as reservoirs, and increase in water demand
  • Tourism, fishing, agriculture are important industries
  • Sanitation infrastructure in inadequate for public sanitation practices and waste treatment practices
Needs and Changes
  • Control of inundation/flooding (retreat, defense, drainage, etc.)
  • Conservation/Securing of water quality for agriculture/fisheries
  • Conservation of tourism resources
  • Improvement of health conditions