Integrated Mapping

Integrated Mapping
ENTRY DATE: 22 April 2015| LAST UPDATE: 22 April 2015
Categories: Coastal Regions | Observation systems, information dissemination
Technological Maturity: Applicable immediately
Technology Owners:

Developed under the C-CAP – Coastal Community Adaptation Planning – Project, funded by USAID which is a joint collaboration to support 20 communities in the Pacific Islands region in collaboration with the government and communities. 

Needs Addressed

Analyses to guide governments and communities in their planning purposes

Adaptation Effects
  • Guides adaptation planning for vulnerable community assets such as water systems, evacuation centres, economic infrastructure and coastal barriers
  • Contributed to vulnerability reduction of village homes that are built above coastal waters, whose foundations and walkways are affected by storm
Overview and Features

Combines climate change projections, awareness of risks and climate variability and spatial layout of community assets into one innovation using the Google Maps platform, country-level climate change trend projections and hand-drawn community maps to create a digital planning tool that can be shared between communities, local and national government partners and project partners.

  • Relatively low in cost
  • Tech costs
  • Human resources
Energy Source
  • Human resources
  • Electricity for computer/internet source
Ease of Maintenance

Requires updating according to changing infrastructure, geography etc. over time

Technology Performance
  • This tool and the process of creating it provides an important educational exercise that helps communities understand impacts and address problems,
  • As a simple, inexpensive and accessible tool, it has the potential to be scaled up over a very wide area
Considerations (technology transfer criteria, challenges, etc.)

Requires comprehensive and effective collaboration with communities

Co-benefits, Suitability for Developing Countries
  • Increased awareness
  • Increased stakeholder cohesion and relationship building
  • Uses free, easily-accessible and user-friendly adaptation tools
  • Encompasses comprehensive community participation techniques
  • Considers the social, economic and cultural importance infrastructure I assessments due to community participation
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