Disaster Resilient Schools

Disaster Resilient Schools
ENTRY DATE: 03 May 2015| LAST UPDATE: 03 May 2015
Categories: Disaster Prevention | Awareness raising
Technological Maturity: Applicable immediately
Technology Owners:
  • Local governments, ministries of education and disaster management
  • Non-governmental humanitarian agencies (e.g. Mercy Malaysia, Plan International, Save the Children and World Vision)
Needs Addressed

Enhanced adaptation capacity of local organisations that provide health, emergency, and social services 

Adaptation Effects

Protects the destruction of schools in the event of a disaster

Overview and Features

Safer schools are created through applying and maintaining common standards to school buildings and facilities, providing teacher and student training, and ensuring appropriate school management and planning for disasters.


Training and management costs

Energy Source

Energy for facility

Ease of Maintenance

Training and practice drills should be regular and ongoing

Technology Performance
  • Safe school helps to protect schools, students, staff and the wider community from disasters, and assist in faster and more efficient response in order to reduce the losses incurred in the event of a disaster
  • Simulation drills should be held at least annually, for each expected hazard, to practice and improve skills and plans.
Considerations (technology transfer criteria, challenges, etc.)

Must ensure coordination among the different stakeholders (e.g. government, NGOs, disaster management agencies)

Co-benefits, Suitability for Developing Countries
  • Improved and localised knowledge on disaster management by undisrupted education
  • Challenges in collaboration between necessary stakeholders must be addressed
  • Adequate financing must be sourced for both establishment and sustainability
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